The Best Honeymoon Destinations

by Lise - an avid cruiser

heartsIn my opinion, Caribbean cruises have to be the best honeymoon destinations... Why? A cruise in the Caribbean offers everything you need for perfect romance: Warm and sunny days, gently rolling seas, exotic ports of call, a private balcony, cozy dinners for two, strolling on deck at sunset, dancing under the stars and so much more.

Once infected by the cruise virus, it's difficult to get rid of it. Take my daughter as an example. She has been coming with us on cruises since she was 7. When she got married, she and her husband enjoyed one of the romantic Caribbean honeymoon cruises.

A Cruise is affordable

Bride and GroomThe best honeymoon destination has to be memorable and in most cases affordable.

A Caribbean cruise provides a great luxurious hotel (your ship), all sorts of activities to participate in or not, different islands to visit and privacy as well if you book a cabin with a balcony.

It's almost an all-inclusive honeymoon package and don't you agree that it falls into one of the best romantic honeymoon ideas.

Design a unique honeymoon

Each cruise line offers something different. Some feature special gatherings, such as a honeymooners' cocktail party and others have put together packages for a price. Prices are not included in this page as they would vary from year to year.

Carnival Cruise Line
Wedding & Vow Renewal Ceremonies.
Limited tables of two available. Sunday departures.

Honeymoon Package available (flowers, bathrobes, champagne, etc).
Sunday departures, complimentary champagne reception & cake, table for two upon request.

Costa Cruise Line
Honeymoon Package.
Wedding Program, cabin decorations, honeymooner party certificate. Special Honeymoon/Anniversary packages available as well.

Crystal Cruises
Crystal Honeymoon, Anniversary and Renewal of Vows at Sea packages.

Cunard Line
Table for two.

Disney Cruise Line
Special Romantic Escape packages.
Sunday departures, complimentary champagne reception.

Holland America
Honeymoon and Vows Renewal Packages. Weddings On-Board.
Sunday departures, complimentary champagne reception & cake, table for two upon request. Chapel available on their private island, Half Moon Cay.

Norwegian Cruise Line
Weddings On-Board. Special Honeymoon packages.
Complimentary champagne reception & cake. Certificate, Photo & Cocktail Party. Table for two upon request.

Wedding Anniversary, Vow Renewal and Honeymoon Packages.
Wedding at Sea packages available aboard Grand Princess and Golden Princess. Sunday departures, complimentary cake, table for two upon request.

Royal Caribbean
Wedding, Vow Renewal & Romance Packages.
Honeymooner party. Complimentary champagne reception & cake. Sunday departures.

Honeymooners' Cocktail Party with Captain or Senior Officer on all ships.
Gifts for purchase are available. Complimentary champagne reception & cake. Sunday departures.

*Information provided by CLIA

As you can see, the honeymoon packages differ from one Cruise Line to another. Contact your travel agent or the Cruise Line in question to get a quote on the one you want and design your best honeymoon destinations.

Already married? Do it again the tropical way by renewing your wedding vows.

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