Snorkeling Klein Bonaire

by Lise - an avid cruiser

(Written somewhere on the Caribbean Sea between Bonaire and Grenada)

November 14, 2008

This morning we were docked at Bonaire, one of the few Caribbean islands unknown to us. Snorkeling Klein Bonaire was one of the highlights during this Caribbean cruise.

We had a tour booked with Princess to go to Klein Bonaire by watertaxi. We normally don't book tours with the ship but I had read reviews that it was almost impossible to find a watertaxi as they were all taken by the cruise ship tours.

Klein Bonaire is a small uninhabited island about 20 minutes watertaxi ride from shore.

It was fantastic. A long and narrow white sandy beach stretches all around this tiny island. There are no palapas and no shade as there are only short shrubs.

beach at Klein Bonaire

The tour guide had said there was a reef about 50 feet from shore and to find a passage through it and make it on the other side of the reef. It was amazing.

We let the current take us down parallel to the shore for about the lenght of the ship then got back on the beach, walk back another distance and started over again. It was great.

Bonaire is a small island of 24 miles long and 7 miles at its widest with only 15,000 people living here.

The ship was only in port from 7am to 2pm so we didn't have time to visit the town. Next time we will.

You can see some Bonaire pictures we took right here.

Again today it's very hot just like it was yesterday in Aruba but we can enjoy a warm breeze on our balcony as we sail to our next destination: Grenada.

I love my balcony :)

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