Hi, I'm Lise Galipeau

Lise Galipeau Since I have written a few articles for this site, I thought you might want to know who is Lise Galipeau. smilie

I'm writing this page on my birthday...May 27, 2008, and today I turn 61!

Humm, this number doesn't quite sink in, it's too high and I know I don't look it and don't feel it (well most days) but hey it is what it is.

Pierre and Marie-LouMy husband, Pierre, and my daughter, Marie-Lou. They both love cruises as well.

I have 3 dogs and they try to keep me in shape as I have to unglue myself from my computer for their daily walk.

I live in Hudson, Quebec, Canada, a small community of 5000, about 40 minutes from downtown Montreal.

I used to be a travel agent for 13 years. Then in June 2001, I decided to learn HTML, graphics design and about working online...I never looked back and I love it. I didn't know anything about internet then. Never turned my computer on.

Well times sure have changed. I now work on my computer most days, and if I could, it would also be through the night. I'm a 'hard coder' as they say in the business. I can design a site using HTML codes, softwares and other 'geeky' stuff. I have a few websites that you might want to visit, one is Just Easy Recipes for everyday cooking and the other one is Just Salad Recipes and of course our cruise blog where my cruise photos reside, and when I find the time, I will add many more. I also design websites for others.

My husband and I took our first cruise in 1992 on the old Noordam (replaced by the new Noordam) for 10 days in the Caribbean and never looked back...we were hooked!

I'll tell you later why we love it. But for now, let me just say that we both have a passion for traveling and we have used other means of discovering the world than cruises.

Where in the world have we been?

We've also been on many land vacations in the Caribbean: Jamaica, Domenican Replublic, Cuba, Mexico, Barbados, Honduras.

And we visited other countries as well on what we call our explorer vacations: Israel (twice), Egypt (including a cruise on the Nile), Greece, France, Switzerland, Germany, Jordan, Morocco, Hong Kong, Thailand, El Salvador, Alaska (inland), Hawaii and of course Canada and the USA.

Our Caribbean cruises took us to the following ports: Jamaica, Mexico, Barbados, CuraƧao, Grand Cayman, St-Lucia, St-Thomas, St-Martin, Domenica, Trinidad,Panama Canal, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Mexican Riviera, Cozumel,Grenada, Roatan, Bahamas, Key West, Haiti, St John, Aruba, Antigua, Caracas, Martinique, Guadeloupe,New Orleans, Belize, St-Kitts.

We have also cruised to Alaska, the Mexican Pacific Coast, the Sea of Cortez, the Panama Canal, Belize, Venezuela and the Nile in Egypt.

Which Cruise Lines have we used?

We have been on Princess, Carnival, NCL, Holland America, Costa, Royal Caribbean and chartered cruise lines.

So now you know more about me, Lise Galipeau, and our love affair with cruises. You know, I would love to one day go live on a ship for a year or more!!


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