Cool Map of the Caribbean Islands

With the help of this map of the Caribbean islands, plot your next cruise or land vacation like a pro! Click on the orange circle to see each Caribbean island map in more detail. The little camera icon is showing you where you can view images of different spots on the island.

Browsing and zooming into an interactive Caribbean map is the next best thing to actually going there! Try it - click on one of the islands and then on the camera icon. A 360 degree view of the island location enfolds itself before your eyes!

The Yucatan map comes in handy if you want to explore Cozumel, Cancun and the Riviera Maya during your cruise. Perhaps you are even planning a trip to the Uxmal Ruins or the city of Merida.

And just for fun and with the help of Google, I added icons on this map of the Caribbean Islands showing all the ports and islands we have visited while cruising in the Caribbean.

Use the + and - signs to zoom in and out of the map and if you click on the blue icons, a little bubble will open and you'll see short comments I made. And you can use the link under the map to enlarge it.

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