Tips on How to Take a Lesbian Cruise

by John Mitchell
(United States)

A vacation can be considered an idyllic period of time for creating that kind of life you wish you had pretty much every day, if only for one single week. In our times, lesbian tourists are able to go pretty much anywhere they like, but they may opt to spend some time around other lesbians as well. An ideal way to do this is by getting on board a lesbian cruise.

1. Decide if you are interested or not to go on adult lesbian cruise or a family cruise. Both these types of cruise will be available. If you are going to be sailing with the entire family, you are going to want to be on board a cruise ship which has a lot of activities for the little ones. If you would want a more adult type of vacation, you will be interested in parties, grown-up amenities and a more serene atmosphere.

2. You may check out R. Family Vacation for family cruises. Being founded Kelli O`Donnell, wife of comedian Rosie O`Donnell, and Vice President of Atlantis Events Gregg Kaminsky, R Family Vacations is considered the first LGBT cruise which welcome kids and teenagers aboard. They offer special programs for most ages as well as babysitting services.

3. You should take a look for child-free lesbian cruises by checking out Sweet. It will provide a western Caribbean cruise with a whole roster of lesbian musicians, comedians or special celebrities. Sweet will promise fabulous DJ parties each night as well. As an additional bonus, cruisers will have the chance of participating in some activities for volunteer people in some of the ports along the way, and all carbon created by the cruise will be offset with donations to

Cruise vacations are seen as being so great because will allow tourists of any age, gender or sexual belief to see many different parts of the world all together. If you are an open-lifestyle individual and you are looking for something completely different that the average type of vacation, you may consider getting on board an adult lesbian cruise.

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