My SBI Cruise

by Lise - an avid cruiser

Why do I call it my SBI cruise? Like I mentioned on this page I was part of a group of about 60 SBI owners, total strangers from around the world but we all had something in common: SiteBuildIt or SBI for short.

But who are we?

We are the lucky ones because we discovered these absolutely wonderful tools to build not only a website (everyone can do that) but a business online and most of SBI owners didn't know anything about html, marketing, ezines, working online, etc.

Now I get as excited about this system as I get about cruises!

We are like a big family, even though we are from different walks of life, different education, different countries and with different passions. Sounds corny? I don't really care because it's true.

We all have a passion and that makes a big difference. And that's the reason for so many different website themes or concepts like binoculars, vacuums, needleworks, debts, tennis, granite, birthdays, parties, retirement, fruits, kids, just to name a few. There are many many more.

Here we are on the Freedom of the Seas
SBI cruise January 2008

This SBI cruise idea was started in the forum and it snowballed. Craig mentioned that every year they go on a cruise (humm sounds familiar) but in 2007 it would be different as the cruise would be paid for by his SBI site...and the rest is history as they say.

It was not sponsored or organized by SiteSell, the company behind SBI. We had mini seminars of about an hour almost every day given by those who have probably been using SBI the longest and 'made it' if you will with their website. What an awesome experience to be able to listen to their stories and learn from their experience and to be able to ask questions.

It was very envigorating to be amongst a group of people that speak the same language as me and to be able to exchange ideas and help each other. Whenever I try with my husband, he gets a blank look on his face.Smilie

SBI is not a 'get rich quick' and yes we all go through very frustrating moments or days or even weeks, but eventually we get takes time to build a 'real' business and that's what we are doing.

This website is my 3rd attempt and I know that three times a charm...because you see I now know that it's my fault the other 2 didn't make it. And one reason is I knew too much before I started using SBI.

I brought too much baggage from my previous 5 years on the internet. I thought I would "test" SBI so I barely read the Action Guide, I did my first site on dog training....duh! yes I have 3 dogs and always had dogs, but what was I thinking, I'm not a trainer!

Then I did my previous site on cruises, but again didn't use the tools as they were intended...and pretty much wrote pages on what "I thought" people would want to know instead of finding through the Brainstorm sessions what people are looking for.

Plus as someone pointed out to me, I was not writing using my own voice, but more like writing an article. Thanks Elad.

SBI is a learning experience that will change your has already changed my life in many ways. And the SBI cruise gave me a sense of belonging to a very special group of people.

I can't wait to be able to answer my husband the next time he asks the big question: so are you making money yet? and my answer will be yes, as a matter of fact I just got a cheque from Google and I'm paying for our next cruise!!

Follow this link and I might see you on a future SBI cruise Smilie

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