How to Enjoy the Best Princess Cruise Lines Discounts

There are plenty of Princess Cruise Lines discounts available if you know how to find them!

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Have you been thinking about taking a cruise, but the price of a cruise vacation intimidates you? Discounted Princess Cruises may be less expensive than you think! You can have a great cruise vacation without breaking the bank if you plan smart and educate yourself. Consider the following factors when planning a budget-friendly cruises vacation.

Time of Year

When you cruise will make a difference in your price. You may get a great Princess Cruise special during the off-season that is not available year-round. Keep in mind that cruise ships cater to people around the world, so when it is cold and snowy where you are, it might be warm and sunny elsewhere.

If you want one of the cheap Princess Cruises, avoid popular travel times like school holidays, the Valentine holiday, Christmas holidays, and times when people traditionally have a break from work.


Where you cruise is going to make a big difference. If you are looking for Princess Cruise lines discounts, speak to your travel agent about budget-friendly destinations. Some places are just not as popular as others, so cruise companies offer lower rates. 

In other cases, the destinations themselves are less expensive, and you will spend less for food, activities, and shopping in port cities. 

Also take into account how you will get to your departure city. For instance, if you have to spend a lot of extra money on airfare to reach your destination port, your entire trip will cost more than if you can drive or get discount airfare to meet your cruise ship.

Excursions and Activities

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You are going to have a number of activities from which to choose while onboard your cruise ship, regardless of where and when you cruise. Many of these are included in your cruise package price. In most cases, you can schedule a variety of additional things during your trip. 

Shore excursions are popular and come in a variety of prices. A good travel agent helps you plan ways to enjoy your port cities without spending a bundle. Remember, just walking around a city and enjoying its ambiance for a few hours is often free and all you need to get a feel for a new location.

Cruise vacations can be affordable, especially if you know where to find bargains. If you want to cruise, consider the numerous ways you can plan a cheap Caribbean cruise holiday.

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